Learn Spanish with Stagecraft App Reviews

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Beautiful and fun.

The design is awesome. This game makes children want to explore Spanish. Fabuloso!

An Excellent Learning Game

Once I purchased this game I found it hard to put down. I found it very absorbing and effective as it took me from one level to the next of competence. The fun way of learning that it provides had me lose track of time and I just enjoyed the challenge. I will be recommending this game to friends and family.

Great addition to any language program

whatever you're doing to learn spanish this app makes a good addition. I use it regularly it gives you some of the qualities of conversational spanish while letting you go at your own pace. I think beginner or advanced students can get something out of this application. Well worth the price.

Intuitive way to learn a language

Language learning as a fun game! It makes you want to keep playing and learning! The game play is intuitive and all levels of learning styles are represented: verbal, written, and interactive. I thoroughly enjoy it and am looking forward to more languages!

A fun was to learn Spanish!

My kids love this game. I am impressed how much they've learned in only a couple of levels. it is a well designed, highly engaging game where the kids are fully immersed into a new language. Highly recommended!

Simple and intuitive

This was a great way to learn Spanish for my upcoming trip! The game is very intuitive and teaches you in a way that's playful and built around the way you learn. It's very flexible and a great tool for anyone from beginner to intermediate.

Maddie Allenspach

The competitive aspect makes it easy to continue learning and want to unlock new levels in the game. I minored in Spanish in college and was still able to learn some new vocabulary.

Fun interactive app!

This is a cool way to learn vocabulary and sentence structure. It is really different than any other language app I have tried.

Makes language learning intuitive

This game is a lot of fun. The graphics are engaging and make the sentences very clear. If you're someone who needs a review or an overview of introductory Spanish but don't want to deal with studying boring grammar, this game teaches important grammar points in a way that makes it fun and doesn't make you memorize rules. Would also be great for teachers looking for fun exercises to reinforce or introduce certain grammar points.

Educational and entertaining

This game is not only educational but entertaining! I instantly got hooked! I would definitely recommend this app for not only kids but adults who want to learn more Spanish!

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